Fadoli d'òli - Les oliviers du Pays-Niçois par ChristianPassuello

"Nuts for Olive Oil"
Documentary 52mn. 2005
Authors : Jacqueline BELLINO /
Production : Chamaerops Productions
TV broadcasting : France 3

Following a period of decline, the olive groves of the French Riviera have taken out a new lease on life. In 2001, the creation of the label AOC (control of the origin and quality of the products), "Olives of Nice" and "Olive Oil of Nice" helped encourage this renewal.
Motivated and passionate olive growers decided to bet their money on quality and authenticity so that these little olives from Nice would find their place again among the best of olive products.
Today, we learn to appreciate the different savours of olive oils as we do of wine. We try to define the complexity of their taste and differentiate the varieties and origins.
This documentary takes a look at the various stages of the olive growing process throughout each season. It is by observing the work and the different methods used by olive growers that we better understand the special relationship which is established between man and this eternal tree..

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