Arc(o) Alpin(o)
Documentary 52mn. 2000
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Musical direction : Patrick VAILLANT
Production : Interface films, Agovision
TV broadcasting : Muzzik

In Italian "arco alpino" refers both to the geographical Alp mountains arc as well as a violin bow. These two words sum up the encounter of some of the best traditional violinists from both sides of the Alps.
Transmitters of a rich tradition and new sophisticated interpretations, these musicians, connoisseurs of popular repertoire, take this occasion to dialogue through song (in Provençal and in Italian), percussion (Iranian) and string instruments (mandole, mandolin, mandoloncelle).
These melodic acoustics echo through the mountain roads, streams, and the majestic mountain pastures.
As the clouds intermingle over the summit of "l'Arc(o) Alpin(o)", the ancient rhythms blend with those of today, joining the concert of world music. Tradition mixed with modernity.

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