"The Cannabis Tribe"
Documentary 52mn. 1997
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Production : Interface films, Agovision
TV broadcasting : Planète (purchased but not broadcast)

Once a year, in the fall, the American magazine "High Times" organizes the "Cannabis Cup" in Amsterdam.
For five days (and five nights) over two thousand people gather to celebrate the best of marijuana and hashish crops.
This large festivity is an opportunity to discuss all aspects of the issues concerning cannabis - its medical, industrial and recreational uses.
All this would be seen as a typical “business convention" if the topic were not cannabis, a plant which still generates a great deal of passion, sometimes fear, ongoing political controversy and sometimes harsh court sentences. This focus on Amsterdam is a look beyond the debate of legalisation. The documentary examines the almost certain reality of tomorrow, that is, the universal freedom of possession and the use of cannabis.

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