Music from the stars

Documentary 52mn. 2017
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Production : Les Films du Sud, France 3 Occitanie
TV Network : France 3 Occitanie

Sylvie Vauclair is a French astrophysician specialized in studying the frequencies coming from the Sun and far away stars of our galaxy. Her passion for music led her to work with Claude-Samuel Levine, a composer, who turned those frequencies into musical notes.
If the Sun and other similar stars ring like musical instruments, then it is possible to organize those sounds coming from space into a concerto.
Moreover, beyond the musical creation, these frequencies offer us intimate knowledge about the life of those celestial bodies, information necessary to advance our knowledge of the universe surrounding us.
The mysterious sounds coming from the stars are astonishing. The music composed by Claude-Samuel Lévine from this raw material is brilliantly creative.
Listening to it, we are transported from the terrestrial present to rise lightly into the great blue yonder.