"Meet me
at Père Lachaise"

Documentary 52mn. 1991
Author : Christian PASSUELLO
Production : Les Films Etirables, Vidéothèque de Paris

TV broadcasting : R.T.S.R., Planète
Over the years, the cemetery of Père Lachaise has become the most famous of Parisian cemeteries and one of the most visited cultural sites in Paris.
Over a half-century Vincent de LANGLADE has walked its many paths. Indefatigable, it is with humour, passion and all the talent of a teller of tales that he will help us discover the charm and the history of Père Lachaise. This is a stroll among the most astonishing of tombstones, statues and the legendary people buried there that have created this cemetery’s renown.
At Père Lachaise you will find Jim Morrison, Balzac, Chopin, Chevrolet, Kardec, Oscar Wilde, Napoléon 1er, Tante "Hurlurette", Edith Piaf, Jean-Baptiste Clément, trees overtaking the gravesites, Pierre Desprosges, the martyrs of the 1870 Paris uprising, Victor Noir, Pierre Dac, le Père Goriot, Proust and many more….

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