Documentaire 52mn. 1994
Auteur : Christian PASSUELLO
Prod. Taxi Vidéo Brousse
Diffuseur : R.F.O., N.H.K., Planète

Paddy Bush, an English musician, is invited to go to Madagascar, the motherland of his close friend, Justin Vali.
Justin is also a musician. His pseudonym, VALI, stands for the name of the most traditional instrument in Madagascar : the "Valiha". Justin has become a master of this instrument.
After 10 years of living in Paris, far from his people, this trip with Paddy is an eventful return trip home.
Paddy has never set foot on Madagascan soil. Nevertheless, he is very familiar with Malagashy music. He built himself a valiha and learned how to play it. His friendship with Justin grew around this instrument, also used in sacred ceremonies, where the living communicate with the spirits of the dead.
For Justin, this journey is an emotional one: a trip back home to his family, his village and to traditional rites, sources of his inspiration and music. He is eager to share all of this with Paddy..

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