Yeung Fai

Yeung Faï:
A Last Pupeeter Master

Documentaire 52mn. 2015
Auteurs : Christian PASSUELLO
Prod. Les Films du Sud, Vosges Télévision, Agovision

TV Broadcasting: Vosges TV

Yeung Faï embodies the last generation of a great dynasty of Chinese puppeteers. His father, a revered master, was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution for his "academic and reactionary" art.
"The infamy" of the father meant the ruin for the family and a miserable childhood for Yeung Faï.
After the bloody events of Tian’anmen Square, Faï choose to flee his country.
He now lives in France where he was able to create his first personal show "Hand stories", an autobiographical play. He used his art to tell the story of a puppeteer's family, torn in the torments of History.
Despite years away from his homeland, Faï is always concerned with the reality of life in China. His second creation is called "Blue Jeans" and takes place in a "jeans" factory in China.
He thus continues his work with a "documentary puppet" approach for an adult oriented audience. Play after play he confirms his talent as a great creator and a puppet master.



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